Discover your own Valérie Style

We're not afraid to SPARKLE.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

In the long journey of self-exploration, Valérie will continuously convey the soft power from your neck, ears, wrist or fingers.

“We never impose restrictions on jewelry,

and we always hope that the girls wearing Valérie can write their own poems.

You can be either unconventional or traditional;

open or restrained; adamant or soft……You can have both of them or just go you own way,

as long as you have the courage to be yourself.”

– Brand Founder Kya Wandrey

Discover the Valérie Pink

The Color of Soft Power, Courage and Uniqueness
Amour Rose Quartz Collection
Shining pink rays are given off to heal

when the warm Rose Quartz collides with the metal materials.
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